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Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
8:58 pm - nice k nowing you
FUCK THIS I HATE LIVEJOURNAL IT SUCKS ASS FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT! we're just not right for each other i'm sorry and it has to be said dearest live journal.. its not me its YOU! I HATE YOU LIVEYOURNAL:'( its a CONSPIRACY! goodbye forever! AAA *goes mental!*
BACK TO BLURTY *comforting*

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6:25 pm - love theory
love doesnt consist of holding hands it consists of holding hearts.

current mood: touched

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11:35 am - *sings to self* (in I.T lesson) :(
*sings happy birthday and does little dance to self* w00t w00t.

red road on saturday woohoo! *scared of seeing lewis* but shud be cool. i'm also quitescared jake'll be there. but if.. IF he is, i guess we'll just move trees .. but he better not be at our tree! thats just plain RUDE! thats been out tree for YEARS.. for forever. besides, to him we're "the red road lot" so ha he cant steel out tree...

HAPPY 18th to JOOLZ!!
erm... anymore birthdays?

i have an interview in two hours, i get to miss last lesson woohoo! tis an interview forwork experience! (art 4 fun) *embarassed face* lol.. what to wear what to wear what to wear. wish me luck for that eh?

well.... i shall be sure to update soon and so sorry i havnt had time to redecorate. hopefully jimmy will put xool pixie shit on here and it'll look all pretty... till them my dear audience... chow.x

current mood: artistic

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
9:51 pm - ok..
ok give me a day to sort out this poor excuse for a journal. first of all it needs redecorating.. once thats over and done with.. we can all sit and read the ramblings of kween me!. w00t w00t

current mood: annoyed

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5:39 pm - w00t w00t
good morning dear audience. welcome to the logic of nAzz.... aka notorious p-i-g. i hope you all enjoy your stay and enjoy listening to the ramblings of my great self. i would like to think i'm some what of a queen like image in your minds... anyway, give me a while to think of a few interesting things to say and my next post will be here shortly.

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